Saturday, September 25, 2010

I want to ride my biiiicycle!

I have a new love. Don't worry, Eric knows all about it. Bicycling. Dear Lord, why have I not been doing this my entire life? Over the last week, I have been putting more miles on these legs than ever before. We literally live three minutes away from the Centennial Trail, a thirty-seven mile paved trail that runs along the river. It is absolutely breathtaking and so phenomenal to see on a bike. I can't believe how fortunate I am to be able to jump on my bike and ride directly onto the trail within minutes. How have we lived in this house for over five years and I have never done this before now? Seriously, I keep asking myself that question out loud while riding - people must think I'm crazy when they hear me talking to myself as I pass them.

I rode seven miles this evening and it was the most fulfilling exercise I have gotten in months. Not only because my heart was pumping and my legs were burning, but because I was in the midst of nature and sunshine. What could be better than that while burning a ton of calories? The feel of the breeze on my face, the sound of the river rushing by, and the smell of pine trees in the air. It's especially beautiful right now with autumn on the horizon - all the colors are sensational.

I do think it's hysterical that I've discovered my love of cycling right at the end of summer. All I can think about is how I could have been doing this for the last five or so months. But I plan on packing in a lot of riding in the next month or two before the snow flies.

Maybe this time next year, I'll have those awesome biker legs. One can hope, right?


  1. I bought a cruzer this summer and I love it. I hate living in this dry desert though because it's difficult to get out and ride in the summer. I'm hoping now that the weather has cooled down I'll be able to ride more. It is fantastic isn't it? I haven't ridden my bike much since we were kids... I need to find a buddy to ride with too. :o) I have a bike rack for my car, I hope if I ever get to come out there during good weather we can get together and ride the trail, it's been YEARS since I road the river! :o) Congrats on getting back on the bike!! I bet you look AMAZING!

  2. Beth, you absolutely should come visit and bring your bike! If not before fall ends, maybe in the spring?