Friday, March 12, 2010

Sleep, snot, and stories... Oh my!

I am not kidding, for the last two weeks I have been planning on writing in this blog every day, but somehow each day seems to get shorter and shorter. I have decided that I truly need to grow another pair of arms so I have the ability to do more. It is now almost 11:00 PM on a Friday night, and realistically I should be getting to sleep since Charlie is snoozing away in his swing. If history repeats itself, I can plan on being up again in about three hours when he wakes to eat. Whoever said that babies start sleeping through the night at this age can step far away from me now!

Life has been awfully hectic around our household. It's not that anything major has been happening, every day just seems to have something substantial going on. Over the last few days, we have all been struck down with a nasty cold. AGAIN. It is never ending. It started last Sunday while at the park with the boys. Jackson was having a blast playing with another little boy on the equipment. Next thing I know, he's running up to me with green snot pouring out of his nose and covering his entire face. Not exactly a picture moment. Call it mother's instinct, but somehow I just knew we were in for another illness. My poor boy has been sick over and over again since October. Good 'ole preschool. The cough followed a few days later, along with Mommy joining the Booger Bash. Eric got a touch of it but seemed to fight it off before it got too bad. And bringing up the tail end, little Charlie has started coughing today. Talk about pure panic setting in after our hospital fiasco last month (seriously need to devote an entire post about that). I'm just praying that we will all fight this off quickly and no trips to the ER will be required.

My newest obsession has become library books. I kid you not, I have been spending most of my computer time logged onto the library's website, putting tons of books on hold. I have rediscovered just how much I love reading.

My latest find that I really enjoyed was "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. Now I was one of the millions of people that enjoyed reading the Twilight series, I will admit that. They were fun and enjoyable books to delve into. But there was something really great about this book, I'm not even quite sure what it was that pulled me in so deep. I thought the character development was fantastic and the story was just such a ride. It was definitely the book that has reminded me just how much I love to read. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an intriguing story.

I have made a goal to myself to read 35 books in the year 2010. I was going to make it 50, but decided since I'm just getting back into the groove of reading, I better not push my luck. But I have to say, there's something to be said about choosing to sit down and read rather than zone out on the television and literally feel my brain turning to mush!


  1. I really needed a "like" button for this :)

  2. The online library stuff is AWESOME! My hold list is SOOOO flipping long, lol. I just finished 'Sarah's Key' about a week ago ... L-O-V-E-D it. It's historical fiction, and it's sad, but it's such a great book—very well written. I just started The Guernsey Literary and the Potato Peel Pie Society, and so far, I 'heart' it. :) We should swap books as we go!

  3. Try "The sex lives of cannibals" by J. Maarten Troost. It is really funny! And read it now before your boys can read and ask questions about the title!