Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Luck of the Irish!

The first thing Jackson noticed once we found a place to sit down were all the people carrying around green flags. He immediately started pleading for one. Now usually I'm pretty cheap when it comes to things like that, but the look on his face was just too hard to say no to. So we found a nice guy selling all sorts of St. Patty's gear and Jackson got his very own $2.00 flag. He loved it. Thought it was the coolest thing ever.

He had such a blast waving his flag all around. Keeping him from hitting all the people around
us proved to be quite the challenge though. I sure felt bad for the nice family who was sitting next to us, especially the soft spoken teenage boy who kept getting whacked in the face. He must have younger siblings for being as tolerant as he was!

Charlie hung out in his stroller and enjoyed looking at all the chaos surrounding us. Each time the wind blew, he made the silliest face followed by a beaming smile. I may be biased, but Eric and I sure do make cute little boys...

Once the parade got started, Jackson was completely awestruck. He loved seeing the marching band and cheering and clapping with the crowds. It was a really fantastic day and I truly enjoyed that quality time with all three of my boys.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!


  1. You sure do make beautiful little boys! It looks like you had a wonderful time, I can't wait to do things like that with our little ones! :)

  2. Thanks Esther. :) I'm telling you, your life is just about to get a billion times better!!

  3. Love the photos Jess - please keep writing here so I can continue to keep up with you guys! Loving it! - Cousin Amy

  4. WOW this is what it is all about is those looks on those precious faces :)