Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The smell of motorcycle fumes, dancing in the air.

When I first met Eric, he always talked about his dream of someday owning a motorcycle. His dad always had one and it was a passion that he shared with him. I was very adamant that he would never ride a motorcycle if I had anything to do with it. They terrified me. Being the kind of man he is, Eric shelved his desires for a bike because he knew my fears were very real.

When his 27th birthday started rolling around, I started noticing how strong he was feeling about wanting his very own bike. I didn't think much of it - truthfully thought it was just some macho thing that I couldn't understand. How very wrong I was. His dream of owning a bike was so much more than just some crazy surge of testosterone. He had visions of being able to go on long rides with his dad, sharing something special together. Being on a bike brings a sense of peace to his soul that I'll probably never be able to understand. I finally got it - I realized this was something he really did need.

So on the day he turned twenty-seven, we headed for the Honda Motorcycle dealership and we purchased his very first motorcycle. I don't believe I will ever forget how happy he was that day. It brought so much joy to my heart being able to see that spark in his eyes. He wanted to ride that thing everywhere all summer. Needless to say, he was slightly heartbroken when summer ended and he had to store it away for the winter.

I was always very clear with him that I would never be getting on the back of that beautiful motorcycle. Poor guy - all he wanted was to take me on a long ride through the countryside. I'm not sure how it happened, but he managed to convince me to take a short ride last May. Keep in mind, I was sixteen weeks pregnant with Charlie at this time! I was stubborn and acted like I hated it, while secretly inside I was yearning for more. It was exhilarating. I already started thinking about the next summer when I wouldn't be pregnant anymore and we could really go riding.

Well, two days ago was the most beautiful day we've had in the last few months. The sky was crystal blue and the sun was absolutely beaming. Guess who's idea it was to go for a ride? You got it - ME. My lovely mother-in-law agreed to watch the boys for a little while and we hopped on the bike.

Let me tell you - it was the most amazing ride ever. We rode out into the country around Liberty Lake and I truly felt alive. To feel that warm sunshine on my face absolutely rejuvenated me. Not only that, but I felt really close to Eric during our ride. We don't get much alone time these days, so even that 20 minute motorcycle ride together was perfect. I have to admit that I'm so ready for summer when we can go on longer rides together. Who would of thought I'd ever be saying that?

And can I just say - Jackson thought seeing his Mommy and Daddy on the motorcycle together was just about the coolest thing on the planet.

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  1. OMG that is so awesome ... and even more awesome to see your man have dreams coming true :)