Monday, April 5, 2010

Talk about Easter blessings...

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. A special day to remember when our Savior was risen, as well as a day to partake in friends, food, and egg hunting. Yesterday was not our typical Easter - yesterday we were all truly blessed.

Our dear family friends, the Browns, have known my parents for more years than I even know. I truly consider Norris and Paula like a second set of parents. They have known me from the moment I was born and have always been a big influence in my life. Jackson even says "Grandma Paula" and "Grandpa Norris."

Norris is a pilot and flies his own small private plane. They travel a lot over to Seattle and Portland to be with their children and families. Yesterday morning, Norris had flown his youngest son back to Seattle after this Easter weekend. We were sitting in church when we received the word that his plane had crashed on his way back to Spokane. I will never forget the feeling I felt in the pit of my stomach when I first heard the words, "Norris's plane crashed." My eyes immediately welled up with tears and I had a hard time catching my breath. It felt like someone had punched me hard in the stomach and I couldn't recover. For what seemed like eternity, no one really knew anything, other than the fact that he was alive and being treated. We didn't even know where he was.

Miracle of all miracles, he was OKAY. He crash landed his plane in a field and walked away with barely a scratch on him. Talk about full proof evidence that God was absolutely watching over him. It's hard to stop my mind from realizing how quickly he could have been taken from our lives, but I haven't stopped thanking God over the last twenty-four hours for keeping him with us. My mom has always told me what an amazing and careful pilot he is and this just proves that.

Thank you God for resting Your hands on Norris and helping him guide his plane to safety. Thank you for keeping him safe, uninjured, and letting him walk away with a most miraculous story to share with us each Easter in the years to come!


  1. I am glad he is ok ... Miracles happen everyday and thank god ... It is a blessing that we are all here and alive and able to grow and nurture our lives :)

  2. Wow! What a miracle! I'm glad he is okay.

  3. So glad to hear that your friends are okay! What an incredible story!

    On another note, I wanted to let you know of a slow-cooker recipe that we really enjoyed last night...The Pioneer Woman's Italian Drip Beef. Google it if you don't read her blog already. Couldn't have been easier and so delish. Also, chuck roast goes on sale all the time! =) Love to all of you! - cousin Amy