Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome Autumn

I feel so fortunate that the region I live in is blessed with being able to experience all four seasons. By far, my two favorite seasons are fall and spring. I view both of them as transitional seasons. In the spring, it feels like life is literally being awakened after a long, colorless winter. Seeing the tiny green buds appearing on the trees, tulips blooming in neighbor's yards, the sound of birds chirping again in the early mornings - it's like you're waking up from a five month long slumber.

As much as I adore the spring, fall is definitely my favorite of all. Don't get me wrong - it's incredibly difficult for me to bid farewell to summer fun. I always grieve a little for the summer evenings where the sun stays up until 10:00 PM, the barbecues, swimming, playing at the park, marshmallow roasts - you get the idea. But there is something so comforting about autumn. Pulling out the sweaters, jeans, and boots and preparing for Halloween is the best. It's funny, I noticed last year that there is an actual sound in the air once it starts getting colder. Weird, but true! Even the sound of a dog barking is different. I love the smell of candles burning in my in-laws home when I walk through the door. I love the bright oranges and yellows of the leaves changing colors. I love seeing those leaves fall to the ground and the way they crackle under your feet when walking over them. I love the very first dreary, rainy day in fall. Cuddling up with my babies with a cup of hot cider while watching a movie together.

Eric and I took Charlie to one of our favorite parks yesterday to get some pictures. Unfortunately, the leaves haven't really started changing yet. But my boy sure loved playing with all the pine needles on the ground. He was so fascinated by everything around him. It was such a beautiful day - near 82 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I'd say summer is putting in one last fight before calling it quits.

Welcome Fall, we're ready for you!


  1. Great shots—Charlie totally as Brennan hair! And I'm with you, Fall can stick around as long as she wants. What are the kids going to be for Halloween this year??

  2. For the longest time, Jackson was dead set on being a police officer - now he will hear of nothing other than Buzz Lightyear. Ohhh boy, so excited about that one. ;)

    We were planning on Charlie Brown for Mr. C (I was gonna ask if you still had B's outfit from last year) but now I'm second guessing and thinking of something warmer since we'll probably be out trick or treating in the cold! Jackson REALLY wants Charlie to be a hot dog. ;)

    How 'bout your kidlets??

  3. Jess, that first picture looks professional! I thought it was until I saw the rest of Charlie at the end, great pics!!!

    Oh, and thanks for making me cry! I miss home so much... I hope I get to move back soon... My soul is sad. And you had such a beautiful discription of it.

  4. Thanks Beth! I was really proud of how my pictures turned out yesterday - especially that first one. I'm planning on getting a large print and framing it in our house. :)

    I'm sorry for making you home sick... I can't imagine living anywhere but here, especially this time of year. You need to come home for a visit!

  5. I absolutly love these pictures of your little man! But I'm not so much a fan of fall as I am winter...the snow, Christmas, family time :O) Fall sure is pretty though.