Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Farm Fun

As you can tell by the fact that I haven't written in exactly one week, things have been pretty busy around here. The boys and myself made a last minute decision to take a trip over the mountains to visit my brother and his family over the weekend. Jackson absolutely adores his cousins, so he was psyched. The timing worked out perfectly since Eric came down with a nasty cold while we were gone, so at least he was able to get some peace and quiet to recover while we were gone. Unfortunately, I woke up this morning feeling awful. Thanks for sharing those germs with me, honey.

We had a fantastic trip. The boys did so well on the five hour drive - I was so proud of them. Jackson really got into his Leapster and Charlie slept most of the way. I also discovered that Jackson has a new found favorite band - Vampire Weekend. We must have listened to that album fifteen times throughout the drive. I'm not complaining!

On Sunday, we visited a wonderful pumpkin farm with the family. The kids got to do all sorts of fun activities: hay maze in a big barn, a huge play area, getting pulled behind a giant tractor in little buckets, and picking out pumpkins. Charlie was happy to ride in the stroller the majority of the time and Jackson was running around like crazy, unsure of what he wanted to do most. It was chaotic, but we had a blast. I had fun snapping a few pictures as the afternoon progressed.


  1. when did they all get so freaking big :)

  2. I love looking at these pictures and all, they're lovely ... but, I think it's time for an update! :)