Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Breakin' out the slow cooker

Okay, can someone please tell me why I haven't been using a crock pot before today? My mom gave me a very fancy slow cooker two years ago for Christmas. Take a guess how many times it has been put to use? One time. Only once in two years... what has been wrong with me??

Today is Eric's 28th birthday. I decided I wanted to cook him a nice dinner that he could come home to after work. I found a healthy recipe for a Cranberry Pork Loin Roast. It sounded so yummy, and since we're both on track with healthy eating, I decided this was the perfect dish to attempt for my sweet husband. Keep in mind I have never cooked a roast, so I feel this is quite the challenge for me. Or so I thought! I have decided that the slow cooker is the most amazing invention of all time.

It literally took me ten minutes to brown the roast, throw it in the pot, cover it with the cranberry mixture, and voila! Here it is, cooking away in the afternoon:

This roast turned out AMAZING. The entire time we were sitting and eating I kept stating that I couldn't believe I made this. It was so tender and full of flavor! I know it seems silly that I'm dedicating an entire post about my pork loin roast, but I'm very proud of myself... I can't help it!

The slow cooker has officially become my new best friend. How did I ever survive without you, dear friend?

Here is the final product, before being drizzled with the incredible cranberry sauce mixture:

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