Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Taking the leap.

I have waited a long time to begin this blog. Believe it or not, the one thing stopping me was not being able to figure out a creative name for my blog. So what happened? The blog never began. All because of no name. Well, I've decided to jump in with both feet and begin this journey of blogging, something I never thought I was good at. I don't see myself as a good writer. I never feel that I can express myself well in words. But you know what? Life is seriously passing me by in warp speed and I'm realizing how important it's going to be to document every memory possible. Boring vocabulary? Check. Run on sentences? Check check. Zillions of attempts to be witty and humorous? TRIPLE CHECK. But this is my life, this is me, this is my unnamed masterpiece.


  1. Jess - I love you! Miss you and am enjoying hearing your thoughts about your life!

  2. Thanks Maggie! It's still a work in progress, but having lots of fun so far. I miss you too!

  3. The ironic thing is you got me into blogging and now here i am a blogging fanatic and even on the online radio for it LOL ;) glad your blogging love ;

    Love ya :)