Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Farewell LOST

As millions of people know, the series finale for LOST was on Sunday night. We have been watching it from the very beginning and I truly believe it was one of the most genius shows of all time. Love it or hate it, you can't deny that it has had it's impact on pop culture forever. The writing was amazing, the acting superb, and you were easily connected to each character in different ways.

I won't say much about the finale since I still have some readers who have yet to watch it, so I don't want to give away anything. I do know that there are many who loved the finale and there were many who hated it. I was one who loved it. I thought it was very well done and incredibly emotional to watch. I thought the creators did a wonderful job tying up each character and I felt satisfied with how it ended.

Eric and I were treated to a once in a lifetime opportunity - we were able to watch the LOST finale in a movie theater. It was absolutely incredible. His sister's friend works at a community center not far from here and she put together a huge LOST party for friends and family. We were able to watch the finale on a gigantic HD projector screen in a 400 seat movie theater... talk about amazing! It was a blast and I can't imagine watching it any other way. Thanks Amy and Nick for the invite!

Our view of the big screen - Hi Sawyer!


  1. I'm only like half-way through the last season, so I greatly thank you for not spilling the beans! Sounds like you guys had a great time!